How To Order In 3 easy steps...

Buyplasticonline is a new website that has been designed for its customers to help them purchase cut to size plastic material in shop. Use this website to scroll through materials and choose how you would like it to look with drill holes and polished edges ect ect. We are ready and waiting to process your order, You can be sure that we will look after every aspect of your order to ensure excellent service and finished product on our behalf.



To find the material that you are looking for just click on the product tab at the top left hand side and scroll through all the material available from our website. Once you have found the material you are looking for there is a a big orange box thats been design as a material calculator and this will help you create the item you are looking for.


Choose Material

Now that you have search your material you are ready to use the cut to size calculator. To access this service just enter your panel sizes in the calculator and all the plastic materials are there for you to choose. For example: step one choose your plastic material. Ie Acrylic Colours, white and thickness 3mm. (Good chose) Then is you have measure you panel in mm or cm or even inches that not a problem as you can click one of the boxes to suite these measurements. Then you can enter your panel size.


Add extras

Having selected your material its a simply matter now of adding extras to your panel. This step is so that you can add drill holes, Countersunk holes, Screws for the holes and screw caps. If the corners of your material is to pointy for you thats fine as the last option is to add rounded corners. Now you have completed your panel you can add how many you need to purchase and once you are happy with your choice just click the big green button thats says add to basket. At any point you need to speak to our helpful team they can be reached on 01204 841 111 or email us at